@heavenshoneybee has just been added & verified BBWGIRLTWEET

The latest edition to BBWGIRLTWEET Ms Honey Bee has already gotten 1 entry into the contest to win $50 Amazon Gift Card simply be referring 1 new follower to @BBWGIRLTWEET!  You can enter as well!  Here is HOW «CLICK HERE» 

Come see my profile «here»

CONTEST! Win a $50 gift card to Amazon.com!

Here’s how YOU can enter to win a $50 gift card to Amazon.com! 

Refer a follower o a modeo to sign up for @bbwgirltweet or bbwgirltweet.com & enter to win a $50 @amazon gift card.  Each follower/model = 1 entry.  All FOLLOWERS are verified, and need to send us a tweet that says “<=== now following thanks to @(yournamegoeshere) Models need to send an email to platinumpuzzy@gmail.com and state WHO send them to get added to BBWGIRLTWEET (your twitter name).

Drawing is set to take place November 1st. 

The natural Nykohl Phoenyx

Gotta love the hint of nudity without the actual display of blatant flesh?  This is a real sexy BBWGIRLTWEET verify photo and we just had to share it with you.  Make sure you check her out on BBWGIRLTWEET

Nothing softer than the Lovely Sillk

Welcome the Lovely Sillk - has now been verified as an official BBWGIRLTWEET star!  You can check out her daily tweets, browse her social profiles and interact with her! 

Her website:  www.LovelySillk.com

Her Twitter:  @lovelysillk

Her Blog:  http://bbwsilk.blogspot.com

Her Facebook:  http://facebook.com/bbwsillk


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